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Jul 10, 2011 9:00pm PDT
there. and that brooke got in a car and drove back to miami, where she lived. she was filming her show with vh1. i had my mom with me. and she was headed for the airport. and i saw terry get in the car with his girlfriend. and they left. and i got in my car, and i drove myself home. and when i -- i was crying so inconsolably on the way home, just the shock of that. and i walked in the back door, and it was dark, and it was quiet, and i got to the kitchen and i saw the chair that terry used to sit in and have his coffee in the morning. and i saw a house that was a happy household, that had love and animals and life, that at that moment i realized it was never going to be that way again. that nick was never going to come home and brooke wasn't coming home and terry wasn't coming home and my mom wasn't there and my dog had just been run over in the driveway a few months prior. it was just too much emotion to bear at the moment. and i remember i couldn't even make it up to my bedroom. i left. i had my court clothes on. i got in my car. and i was crying so hard that i was making a weir
Jul 20, 2011 3:00am EDT
. brooks, again and again, it was brought to her, but we never really fundamentally understood how did these people who should have or perhaps might have known failed to know? and i think that is still very much a question to be answered, probably by the judicial inquiry. >> let me turn to you, vicky ward, a personal friend of the murdochs. we spoke to you yesterday. you movingly spoke about rupert murdoch. it's a difficult day. he started off saying it's a the most humble day of his life. >> and there was an e-mail from wendi, that she had slapped him. and i e-mailed back, go, girl, or go, wendi. he was very fragile, contrite at the beginning and started to get more resilient, more rambunctious toward the end. he came out strong about the telegraph. an important point here. two years ago, the british public seemed quite content to -- when the "daily telegraph" broke a very big story about the abuses on mps' expenses and obtained this information by paying for it, paying for stolen documents, what he was trying to point out, he created a culture there to expose the establishment. and c
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)